Friday, November 27, 2020

Finding Fridays and Faith

Our Finding Friday campaign in October was fantastic. We  had so many friends, family members, and friends of friends and family members participate and share our information! We are so so grateful for their love and support and efforts to help us complete our family.

I wanted to compile each post we did, along with any corresponding videos, here for the sake of not having to sift through the Facebook group to find them. So here they are!

Finding Friday - #1
Our family of three would still be a family of two without our son’s birth mother,
. She is our hero!!
If someone you know is looking to adopt or to place a baby for adoption, please pass this link along. In this blog entry, Mimi and I both share our “finding” stories, and it’s beautiful to see how those two stories intersect and join together. Adoption can be a beautiful and miraculous process.

Finding Friday - #2
When we adopted Daniel, we used an agency to help birth parents find us. This time around, we are not with an agency. That is why we have mobilized our army!! We are counting on the help of family and friends to make our family grow this time!

Finding Friday - #3
Thanks to your help, the South Family Adoption Army is growing! It's not too late to join us - there are two more Finding Fridays after today! You can join the army here:

Finding Friday #4
Today we wanted to share the letter we have written to potential birth parents. When birth parents are looking at potential couples/families for their child, they want to know everything they can!! That’s the reason for the detailed blog entries on our family and each of us individually. Then we also write a letter to them as well. Between the letter and the blog, we try to answer the most pressing and important questions they might have. But here are a few of the top questions along with the answers. If you know any potential birth parents, these answers will come in handy. (Daniel’s birth mother,
, helped me come up with these questions - thank you, Mimi!!)
Q: Are you with an agency?
A: No, not at this time. We are hoping for a private adoption but open to exploring that option.
Q: How long have you been married?
A: We have been married for 18 years!
Q: Do you have any other children and are they adopted or biological?
A: We have one child, a son, who came to our family through adoption. He is 6 years old and excited to be a big brother!
Q: Do you have any pets?
A: Yes! We have had two dogs in our family but currently just have one, Mel (a Maltese-Pomeranian mix). My son and I are both allergic to cats but we love them still! And he is working to earn money to buy a snake.
Q: Will I still have contact with you and my child in the future?
A: Short answer- yes, if you want to, you will! Long answer- We have an open adoption with our son’s birth mother and we love it! We hope that we will have an open adoption with our next addition as well but we respect our child’s birth parents’ wishes and feelings about this.
Q: Can you promise that my child will always know he/she is loved, no matter what happens or what he/she may do? Can you promise that he/she will always know that I loved him/her, too?
A: Yes. Our son’s birth mother is our hero and he knows that everything she did to find his family for him was out of love. He also knows that he couldn’t do anything, ever, that would make us love him less. He knows that he is loved and cherished and I can promise you that your child will too.
Thank you again for helping us spread the word and grow our family!!

Finding Friday #5 - the final Friday!
While we were in the finding process for Daniel’s adoption, we had a really strong impression that our first baby would be a boy and that his name would be Daniel. Ever since Daniel was born, we have had a feeling that our next child would be a girl - and that her name would be Emily. We have prayed for her by name and Daniel often refers to his sister, Emily.
We are open to the possibility that our next child could be a boy (boys are fantastic and Daniel would love a little brother!) but we still feel strongly that we have a little girl waiting to find us. So we exercise our faith in that strong feeling and our faith in God’s plan for our family by keeping Emily in our hearts.
Daniel is so excited to be a big brother to little Emily, and I have no doubt that he will be a great one!!

Faith - and Emily's Room!
“Faith precedes the miracle. It has ever been so and shall ever be. It was not raining when Noah was commanded to build an ark. There was no visible ram in the thicket when Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac. Two heavenly personages were not yet seen when Joseph knelt and prayed. First came the test of faith–and then the miracle. Remember that faith and doubt cannot exist in the same mind at the same time, for one will dispel the other. Cast out doubt. Cultivate faith.” -Thomas S. Monson
It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark...
We had been approved for adoption for two years with no solid leads when we decided to set up Daniel’s nursery. We did that based on a prompting that Daniel would be coming soon and we’d want to be ready. Three weeks later, his birth mother contacted us and two months after that, he was born. 💙
This week we set up Emily’s nursery. 💕 Daniel wanted to give you a tour. 😂❤️