Tuesday, May 19, 2020

About Brian (updated 10/1/21)

Brian was born in Oklahoma and is the youngest of 4 children. His parents and siblings all still live in the town he was born in! He had a great childhood - his parents encouraged his creativity and ingenuity, and that has led to all of the amazing things he's done in his life.

Brian is a magician!! He became interested in magic at a young age and would take tricks apart and create new ones often. He started doing birthday parties and ribbon cuttings when he was quite young.

After his mission to Brazil, while he was in college, he started to make a living off of magic and he has never looked back! He began creating new, original magic effects and selling them to other magicians around the world.

After he sold his company, he wrote a book teaching educators how to incorporate magic into their lessons. Currently, he and his business partner have developed a curriculum that teaches social skills to children in the form of magic lessons - and it's fantastic! He has created a close-knit, supportive, optimistic family of presenters and they are all determined to make the world a better place.

Brian loves roller coasters, mini-golf, J-Dawgs hot dogs, arcades, water parks, traveling, rice krispie treats, Enya, family snuggle time, cruising, BYU football, and Survivor. His main ambition in life is to leave the world a better place than he found it.

As a husband, he has always done his best to put my needs before his own. He wants me to be happy and he shows that through his words and actions. From building a bookcase out of cardboard and filling it with new books I would love, to making sure there are flowers whenever he goes out of town, he is full of ideas, surprises, and love. The nine years we were married before Daniel was born would have been a lot darker without Brian at my side.

Brian is a fantastic father! Especially for Daniel. Brian's own creativity and drive put him in a position to foster Daniel's amazing and intrinsic creativity. He is constantly working on projects with, and for, Daniel. He is affectionate and kind. He tells the best stories! He and Daniel are Burger King buddies (cheeseburgers for life!) and Daniel wants to be just like Brian when he grows up. ♥

A few random, fun facts about Brian:

  • He produced a variety show in Las Vegas, NV - "The Worst Show in Vegas"
  • He has run several successful Kickstarter projects (the Different Deck was my favorite!)
  • He served a mission for our church in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, for two years and speaks Portuguese.
  • He created SOMETHING with our good friend, John Reid.
  • He got a scholarship to Brigham Young University and graduated with his degree in Marketing and Advertising
  • He never has dreams that he can fly! How weird is that??

We are so blessed to have Brian as a husband and father!! I can't wait for one more kiddo to find out just how much fun it is to have Brian as a Daddy. ♥♥

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